Comeback Blues - Savv

SAVV is a up and coming Toronto artist who has some super deep r&b vibes in his music!! His sound is a merge of r&b, jazz vocals and ambient melodies. What I love the most is his deep voice, I've always been a huge fan of low vocals. I had the awesome opportunity to be a part of the shoot and meet some amazing people behind the making of the video for his album Blue. 

There's some crazy sounds that are coming out of the west side of Toronto, a movement of creators and artists coming together. I almost feel like the creative energy there is more vibrant than in Toronto itself.

We spent the whole day driving around from Brampton to the out-skirts of town for a sick drone shot!! All in all it was a dope experience. Check out his album Blue, and the music video for his single Comeback Blues shot by Joshua Qubti.

I played a body-double in the video since they needed someone to jump in when the main actress had to step out. You know what they say, theres no such thing as a small role!

Considering the amazing job the editors and directors did you can't tell that the making of this video used three different girls for the lead role!! 

A huge shout out to the awesome team behind the video and Rajan for suggesting me for the role!!