Toronto Men's Fashion Week is my absolute favourite and a must attend event in my books. It's actually quite a refreshing change from Toronto Fashion Week where I end up actually working. Since the only relation I have to men's fashion is my admiration for the designers, I can actually attend and just have a grand time. Toronto has a plethora of successful mensware designers and seeing them in action is most definitely the pinnacle of Toronto Men's Fashion Week. Like every year so far, Toronto Men's Fashion Week begins with the AUDI opening party where you can go out & get aquatinted with the attendees of the week and potentially end up hanging out with one of your favourite designers. I brought my dear friend Aliya along for the ride.


We had to stop by TopShop first to get an outfit for the night and to my suprise I found a red dress! After a day of girl talk and bonding, we were hesitant to go. But obviously we decided to go out anyways because why would you miss fashion week?!  So Topshop is always the best first stop to get the outfit right. We were probably in the store for 45 minutes but the result was ideal.

Aliya picked out a TopShop Blue & White Stripe A-Line Dress, she paired it perfectly with my Navy Croco Bag - I picked out a dress that was a dark shade of red that I decided looks better backwards haha. The zipper at the back of the dress was too nice to not show off!

Our cab pulled up at the AUDI dealership, how cool? a fashion week soiree at a huge glass AUDI dealership, it was actually quite a fun time.