The Powerball is an annual celebration of art at the Powerplant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto. This year I was invited out for a night out to explore some of the new installations for the Pleasure Principle theme presented by the fashion house Max Mara. I stopped by the event with my main girl Aliya. Right away we were greeted with a beautiful step-repeat wall that focused on the Max Mara Fashion house. A few fun photos and after bumping into some fun industry peeps we made our way into the large gallery venue. The second room corridor welcomed us into a huge projected installation of moving lips and situated right across the room, the set-up for Bite Beauty!

Of-course the girly side of both of us basically magnetized to the back of the room and voila the sampling started right away! We got a chance to each take home a few of the shades by Bite. I must say, I've been using them on quite a daily basis mostly because the lipstick feels almost velvety on the lips! The focus at the set-up was the darker palettes so I got a shade of light purple and dark purple.  

The rest of the evening drifted into seeing the many installations in the various rooms and taking in the most chocolatey marshmallows by the fire-pit. All in all a fun notable experience with a cool souvenir to take home on a perfect girls night out. The PowerBall is definitely on my list of things to do every year in Toronto!