The ANOKHI Media Gala celebrates South Asian talent in the city every year. I have the pleasure of attending the event to see all the amazing people that get nominated and awarded for their amazing contribution to the arts and creative world.  


This year I decided that I really wanted to celebrate my South - Asian culture especially after having been part of the fusion scene for over four years now. I knew that designer Mani Jassal would be just the person who could make this happen in the grandest way possible. 

Mani Jassal's design aesthetic is super urban mixed with the right amount of traditional flare. I stopped by her newly opened boutique in Brampton for a fitting a few days before the event. Her aesthetic really reminds of the Indian designer Nikhil Thamphi who I just adore!  The black, gothic vibes with the right mix of subtle or heavy embroidery. 


With this look, I was aiming for a simplistic yet striking combination of pieces. What's great about Mani Jassal's designs is that you can mix and match tops and bottoms the get exactly what your going for.  Find more of Mani Jassal here.