I've lived in Toronto for quite some time now, but this was my first time ever going to the Canadian National Exhibition.  I've always heard of it as the festival that comes at the end of every summer and ends too early. The CNE or what some people like to call it the EX, is a carnival with rides and games. 


We decided to head there on a Wednesday night, it was a cooler day but just right for a night out. Tickets are priced lower during the evenings to $6 compared to the regular admission $18. As soon as we got there, food was definitely a must! The CNE grounds has a whole building dedicated to food and ironically enough its called the food building! 

I tried a pizza cone in a greek flavour and my friends opted for the creepy crawly edition to the food vendors serving bugs. Crispy critter spring rolls and all the other buggy recipes are the trending topic this year at the CNE! Let's just say I was not convinced - 


The night went on to include carnival games, ring tosses, hoop shots and a spin in the ferris wheel. Ending with a bang we opted for the adrenaline filled rocket ride that goes upside down. All in all a super fun experience and I'll definitely be back next year for round 2!