Toronto International Film Festival with Red Carpet Diary TV

The Toronto International Film Festival is my favourite time of year specifically because it was the first time I got exposed to the film industry in Toronto back in 2012.

For the last two years, I have been working behind the scenes with Red Carpet Diary TV as an assistant producer in the hopes that one day I would be able to make my way on to a TIFF carpet. 2016 is the year to make this all possible thanks to the amazing people at Red Carpet Diary! I got the news back in December last year but as the festival was quickly approaching the chances were getting slim due to logistics issues. However my amazing team came through and I found out literally during the festival week that I was going to get to take my shot at the red carpet after all! This is something I have been working towards forever and my moment was finally here! 

I had a chance to attend the premieres of Brimstone starring Dakota Fanning, UNA starring Rooney Mara and lastly but definitely not the least All I See is You starring Blake Lively! I am actually a hugeee Blake Lively fan! (Gossip Girl anyone?) Sadly she wasn't able to make it down to Toronto due to the fact that she is Ryan Gosling's baby mama! Totally fair!! However I had an amazing time chatting with Ron Perlman and Danny Huston at the premiere! Check out all of my TIFF coverage below! 


What makes TIFF such a fun festival to be a part of is to really see how the movies do after they go the festival circuit. Some of the films, notably many that screen at TIFF end up going to win Oscars and even becoming franchise hits. A lot of the films screening at the festival actually don't come out for the public until much later in the year which means you can still expect to see some from the festival in theatres within in the coming year!