" Fall season is upon us and as the months gets colder, I see my wardrobe heading into a darker shade to keep the warmth in! Transitioning to colder days means layering clothes but making sure that you don't get too over heated! I've started to put together my Fall wardrobe and these are my must have basics that are going to be the building blocks of my seasonal wardrobe. "

1. Talula Mullaly Leggings

The pair of leggings I absolutely swear by!  Not only are they high-waisted but also a nice thick material that keeps the warmth in. You can wash them a million times yet they still fit great! I tend to buy a few pairs of the Talula mullaly leggings over the course of the year and Fall / Winter is the perfect time to stock up! You can find these in your local Aritzia!

2. Office City BaG

Heading back to work means that now your purse is not just for a summer book and some lunch but also a laptop and some work items. The office city bag has all the compartments to fit all the basics a city girl needs! The bag also has a outer pocket which is perfect for keys, sunglasses and some headphones so your not hunting around your bag when running around.

3. Oversized BIKER JACKET

A fall wardrobe is nowhere close to complete without a leather jacket! My go to is the oversized biker jacket from Zara. Just the perfect combination of fit and function! I love how simple it looks yet still able to be a bad ass addition to any wardrobe!