On a summer morning, Alumier MD invited me out to the Templar Hotel for a relaxing spa date to try out some of their up and coming products. 

This was my first time trying any kind of Alumier products, this European line of  medical products is science based and was created by two biochemists. 

It all started with my spa date at the Templar Hotel Penthouse where a certified Alumier aesthetician customized my treatment to my custom skin needs. My personal issues with my skin in particular has been discolouration and hyper pigmentation and the oily aspect of my combination skin. 

I have to say that between now and my first Alumier product experience. Not only had my skin dramatically improved, but I've actually felt comfortable being without makeup. Sometimes makeup can act as your shield and give you that extra confidence to attack your day. However, with Alumier my skin just felt healthy, flawless and hydrated.  When Alumier sent me a box full of skin care products, I was beyond excited to see how my skin would transform over the course of the month.

The Alumier Enzyme treatment was the first order of business, a green paste applied on my skin after it was cleansed and prepped. The goal of the enzyme treatment was to exfoliate the skin in an peel back any dirt or dead skin cells. 


AlumierMD Enzyme Treatment

An enzyme retexturing treatment is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells. The fruit enzymes exfoliate the skin and promotes skin renewal

Moisturizing & Brightening Treatment

The moisturizing treatment and under eye peels makes helped with hydration for the skin - my skin has never felt so smooth!

After continuing to use Alumier products like the their sunscreen, mattfying primer, toner and night cream. My skin has drastically improved in softness and has become dramatically clear! I didn't realize how much of an affect the products were having until various friends started to compliment my skin.  

What really draws me to the Alumier line is that the results are almost instant and you can really see the difference after changing your skin regimen! My biggest skin routine change was using sunscreen!! For the longest time I had thought that sunscreen is only necessary for sun protection but in reality it makes a huge difference in slowing down aging.  After this journey of learning more about my skin through Alumier I feel like my routine has really levelled up!