Ladies and gentleman it's summer time in Toronto!! The sun only shines up here for 3-4 months which means you only have such little time to take it all in!

Outings are a must on the weekends because how else are you going to get that amazing radiant tan? This means a whole boatload of exposure to the sunshine and sunny locations around the city for me. We all know that UV rays are not only damaging for the skin but also help it age - Yikes! 

Ombrelle has me covered!  The leading UV skin-care protection line of products that stop those pesky UV rays from getting under your skin! 


Recently Ombrelle invited me out to their BBQ jam and I headed out there to see some of my favourite blogger friends! Nothing says BBQ party quite like marshmellows on fire! 

My absolute favourite product from their line is their Ultra-light mineral sun screen for your face. What I love is that it feels like a nice BB cream because of the tint in the moisture rich base. It feels super duper light on the skin. This has become my go-to product when I'm spending my days out and about or working away.

Days when I don't need to have any makeup on but really want to just let my skin rest. It gives me some glow and protection while feeling bare faced as I rack up on makeup free day brownie points ;) I know I'm not the only girl who feels good when spending the day sans makeup, Its like this super-healthy glowy feeling! 

The water-resistant Ultra-Light Ombrelle spray was so perfect when I went hiking one weekend as we made our way to the lake and into the water! Its water-resistant qualities make it easy to wear during a weekend day out between beaches and pools! What I also love is that it comes in a spray aerosol form so it's super easy to put on! Of all the Ombrelle products I've tried so far, the Ultra Light line is my fav! Check out my photo diary below: 

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