On Monday morning I woke up to a brown package on my front door step ...

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Waking up to a box of ELXR juices was such a refreshing feeling! Usually, my morning routine consists of waking up and heading to the coffee maker! But lately, I've been trying to make the switch to fresh juices which usually means prepping the blend in advance. 

With one week of no juicing and the amazing pre-made ELXR Juices at my door step, it makes this whole ordeal a whole lot more manageable. There's a new ELXR Juices store opening in Yorkville in Toronto which means that if you live in the downtown Toronto area you can get these babies hand-delivered to your door. 

At the new Yorkville location you can buy your product in-store on top of ordering your product online for delivery. Plus, ELXR will be launching a newly-developed menu consisting of smoothies, parfaits and hot drinks that will be sold at the Yorkville location. 

I feel like this is really going to help me kick my coffee habit, especially in the morning! They are jam packed with nutrients and everything you need to power up your morning and super charge your day! Check out my photo diary below with all of my favorite flavors and colors that I ordered for my first package. Be sure to check elxrjuicelab. com to order yours today! 

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