On Monday morning I woke up to a brown package on my front door step ...

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Waking up to a box of ELXR juices was such a refreshing feeling! Usually, my morning routine consists of waking up and heading to the coffee maker! But lately, I've been trying to make the switch to fresh juices which usually means prepping the blend in advance. 

With one week of no juicing and the amazing pre-made ELXR Juices at my door step, it makes this whole ordeal a whole lot more manageable. There's a new ELXR Juices store opening in Yorkville in Toronto which means that if you live in the downtown Toronto area you can get these babies hand-delivered to your door. 

At the new Yorkville location you can buy your product in-store on top of ordering your product online for delivery. Plus, ELXR will be launching a newly-developed menu consisting of smoothies, parfaits and hot drinks that will be sold at the Yorkville location. 

I feel like this is really going to help me kick my coffee habit, especially in the morning! They are jam packed with nutrients and everything you need to power up your morning and super charge your day! Check out my photo diary below with all of my favorite flavors and colors that I ordered for my first package. Be sure to check elxrjuicelab. com to order yours today! 

Choose your Free 2 oz Tea Gift with Any $50 Order + Get Free Shipping. Code: FREETEA. 8/7 - 8/31. Online Only.


For a whole month of Summer Häägen-Dazs is taking over the Spoke Club on Queen Street West and turning it into a pop-up shop filled with some of your favorite ice cream flavors! 

The Häägen-Dazs Bar will offer ice cream tastings, macron pairing and ice cream bars! Must I mention the Häägen-Dazs Hour for the over nineteen crowd with live music!

The brand recently released its line of new flavors like Vodka Key Lime Pie, Irish Cream Coffee & Biscotti, Whiskey Chocolate Truffle, Rum Ginger Cookie and much more!! 

I had a chance to stop by the pop-up with my partner in crime Sergio and we took in all the deliciousness!! I really wish we could've stayed longer, it was just so much fun but I'll definitely be going back in the upcoming week with the ladies. This pop up is the perfect outing if you're looking to hit the town with your friends, with Instagram photo opportunities in every corner!! The gold and white aesthetic was definitely winning my heart over!! Chcek out my photo diary to see what to expect ;) 





If you've ever met me, you must know that I've had a bit of an obsession with Post Malone's new album Stoney - I am literally obsessed!! I feel like when it came out I was blasting it 24/7 and to all my friends!

So obviously when my friend @TuxedoSergio surprised me with tickets to the Post Malone concert I was beyond ecstatic to say the very least!! 


Thanks to Porsche Canada not only did we get to enjoy Posty in all his glory but also got a chance to watch the show from the Porsche VIP lounge! 


Check out some of my favourite Porsche moments and ofcourse you just have to revisit this album so I've linked my apple playlist here! 



With the weather getting much warmer, I see myself gravitating towards more upbeat tunes. Sun just makes me soooooo happy!!

I've teamed up with Apple Music to curate a list of some of my favourite tunes this season with a focus on Canadian artists! - Check out my Warmer Daze Playlist below! 

If you follow my Insta-stories you must know I'm music obsessed! I listen to all kinds of music but lately I've become more interested in artists from Toronto! I love supporting talent in my community not to mention Toronto is already considered a music capital with so much amazing talent coming from the North.

Here's my curated list of tunes that make my day more positive, inspiring and full of life. Happy listening!



The Nike golf club pop-up shop was in full swing this month in Toronto , Literally!

The Nike Golf Club pop-up featured a virtual golf course simulation where patrons got the opportunity to try on a fresh pair of the newest Nike Lunar Command 2 shoes.

At the same time practicing their swing as the staff helped with form and posture! 


After a heavy workout, I got to fuel up with my choice of one of three Elixr juice lab potions and protein bars while taking in the cool installations and products.

I chose the try the Elixr juice 'Second Base'  which is filled with kale, cucumber and apple goodness!


Then I proceeded to make my way upstairs to hit more rounds for a full course as the Nike attendees guided me through the simulation by correcting my swing!


The Nike golf club pop-up was a must see this month in Toronto and an excuse to get pampered in Nike gear while staying fit! 

The pop-up featured the newest Nike Lunar Command 2 shoe which features Nike Flywire technology and super lightweight cushioning! Paired with the sleek white golf tee and nike golf towel, I had all the right accessories to hit the virtual golf course!


The new Nike Flywire technology is an ultra-light super strong cable like material that works with the the shoe laces to deliver ultimate stability and comfort when golfing! 

The Nike Flywire technology gives the shoe a springy feel for head to toe comfort and stablity! 


This month has been off to a wonderful start mainly because it's Fashion Week festivities happening all month!! More so because I'm really excited to get the position as the official host for Toronto Men's Fashion Week & Toronto Women's Fashion Week!!! 

This is the first year that the two fashion weeks for men and women are coming together and I'm beyond excited to be in the centre of all the fun!  

This means that I'll be hosting backstage and post-show in the Toronto Film School lounge interviewing all the amazing Canadian designers showcasing their wonderful collections on the runways this year.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the interviews on the official websites for TOM* and TW. 


I woke up this morning to a beautiful gift at my door, a huge white box with a Valentines Day surprise. Beyond excited to open it up and see what it was all about!! 

Valentines Day is almost a week away so I hope you have something planned for that special someone in your life. I was uber grateful to find this early Valentines Day gift on my doorstep for my special someone. 


Thanks to the amazing people at Doritos Canada for hand delivering the gift box literally to my doorstep!! Inside I found my very own Valentines Day Doritos Ketchup Rose!!!  Totally cute and corny but a super fun and delicious idea.



Who doesn't love themselves some ketchup flavoured chips! My friends call me the chip monster ha! no lie, so this was the ideal surprise paired with a bag of the new Doritos Ketchup flavoured chips! 


Doritos Canada has an online campaign going on where they will hand deliver ketchup Doritos roses to your special someone! The days of candy grams are over because obviously chips trump all!!

Make sure you head over to their website here to get your own rose for your special someone. I took a few pics to share with you guys and then packed up my box and left it for my special valentine. 

I know he's going to just love it ❣️



Toronto International Film Festival with Red Carpet Diary TV

The Toronto International Film Festival is my favourite time of year specifically because it was the first time I got exposed to the film industry in Toronto back in 2012.

For the last two years, I have been working behind the scenes with Red Carpet Diary TV as an assistant producer in the hopes that one day I would be able to make my way on to a TIFF carpet. 2016 is the year to make this all possible thanks to the amazing people at Red Carpet Diary! I got the news back in December last year but as the festival was quickly approaching the chances were getting slim due to logistics issues. However my amazing team came through and I found out literally during the festival week that I was going to get to take my shot at the red carpet after all! This is something I have been working towards forever and my moment was finally here! 

I had a chance to attend the premieres of Brimstone starring Dakota Fanning, UNA starring Rooney Mara and lastly but definitely not the least All I See is You starring Blake Lively! I am actually a hugeee Blake Lively fan! (Gossip Girl anyone?) Sadly she wasn't able to make it down to Toronto due to the fact that she is Ryan Gosling's baby mama! Totally fair!! However I had an amazing time chatting with Ron Perlman and Danny Huston at the premiere! Check out all of my TIFF coverage below! 


What makes TIFF such a fun festival to be a part of is to really see how the movies do after they go the festival circuit. Some of the films, notably many that screen at TIFF end up going to win Oscars and even becoming franchise hits. A lot of the films screening at the festival actually don't come out for the public until much later in the year which means you can still expect to see some from the festival in theatres within in the coming year!


Located fifty floors up in the sky, the Canoe restaurant and bar shares a breath taking view of the city and the CN Tower. What makes this venue brilliant aside for the obvious golden location is the food. 

A restaurant ceases to be a good experience if the menu is not able to match the atmosphere. This was not the case for Canoe, everything from the placement of the cutlery down to the drop of caramel on the birthday cake was impeccable.

The food which is catered by the acclaimed Oliver and Bonacini brand does not disappoint. The servings were just the right portions that even after a full three course meal has your mouth drooling for for  more.

Oyster Appetizer

Oyster Appetizer


I recently came upon Sorry Coffee Co. during a recent visit to Yorkville for a meeting.

A narrow walk-way from the main-street leads right into the cumberland area. If your new in exploring Yorkville, this area will come as quite a surprise.

Especially because of the sudden transition from a busy city intersection to a serene area. The sudden noise of running water from the fountains gives clear indication that this is an area worth exploring. 



When you've been to a restaurant three times in the same month, there has to be something special about it! What makes La Carnita unique in Toronto is the fact that it's a super urban hip vibe with affordable taco specials on each day. The service is amazing and I've never had a single complaint for this place. The staff is super nice and hospitable. 

Jarritos, Mexican Colas.

Jarritos, Mexican Colas.


The Mexican food menu's versatility in flavours makes the options fun to choose from. The daily specials give you a reason to try something new. I tried the duck taco, I've never eaten duck before but it tasted amazing.

duck taco, beef taco, pesto pollo & chips with queso

duck taco, beef taco, pesto pollo & chips with queso

My favourite is the Pollo taco which has the right amount of crunch and flavour. We event tried the Mexican colas called Jarritos! They helped since the food was super spicy and flavourful. 

The eatery is sister to Sweet Jesus, both located in Toronto by Richmond street. 



I’ve never really went on an all-inclusive vacation before and this was the first time that I was able to make it happen and luckily enough I was fortunate enough to have the chance to go with my two best-friends and my boyfriend. The best part of the resort was that it was pretty big and really fun to discover. But if you ever choose to go to Cofresi Palm Beach Hotel & Spa in the Dominican Republic I would suggest getting the VIP package. When we purchased our tickets we were not able to get it in time but that didn’t stop us from sneaking in to the beautiful beach size beds and on-call complimentary drink service. Luckily the staff is super nice and we made friends with some of them so it turned out to be a really fun stay!  

Last minute trips are super spontaneous and since we were booking quite last minute we were lucky enough to find a place like the Cofresi Palm Beach Hotel & Spa in the city of Puerto Plata down in the Dominican Republic. Believe it or not spending 4 whole days with a person can really change your relationship and take it to a whole another level. The three of us have become so close ever since! A few hammock incidents and a whole lot of fruit punch can really make you the best of friends.