Summer is in the air and so is the need to hit the gym as I prepare for that summer ready body. Here are some of my favourite day to day items that not only feel great to wear but are equally as functional from home to the gym of your hot yoga class! 



The best part of living in downtown Toronto has to be the fact that I'm surrounded by so much creative energy!

I'm in love with colloborating with creators in the city and always learn so much from each and everyone from them. Recently I hit up @CamTwo and met @Johny.TrueLove along the way.  

What I love about Cam's work is her ability to conceptualize a creative shoot and literally bring it to life through her precise direction. Everything from the location to lighting to reflection, mood, and glare has a direction! What differentiates the two is Juan's photography is super candid and he loves taking natural shots. Thanks to their amazing work you can see the directed shots versus the behind the scenes candid moments! 

I loved working with them both and can't wait to see what other creative concepts we we coloborate for in the future. Check out the look book below ☺️


Working on some amazing projects coming up!! One of which is this amazing campaign for 6ixSide Clothing Co in collaboration with Responsive Production's upcoming documentary Post to Paycheque. Our team seeks out to learn about the world of product placement and brand campaigns on social media.

The documentary comes out in February!!  The journey follows me in the world of online blogging and microblogging where we are surrounded by product placement and manufactured images. Our team takes you behind the action in collaboration with some of Toronto's rising brands.  The documentary takes a closer look at the world of influencer marketing with a focus on authenticity in social media.

Photography by: Brooke Raven

Photography by: Brooke Raven

The documentary takes you to the onset of a social media campaign as we see it through from the beginning stages to shooting the images and everything than can happen in-between. 

6ixSide Clothing Co is a local Toronto brand that has started to see some national acclaim jumping on the "6ix Side" trend. 


What I really enjoyed about the clothes was the quality of the materials. Often times when brands are focused on trends the quality diminishes, however the crewneck sweater was super warm to wear even when we were filming outside.  I love the fitting and the feel!! The premium material and graphics on the crewneck are a new direction for the brand!! The crewneck will drop in January for consumers everywhere.

The grey pom pom toque is also really nice to wear! I've caught myself grabbing it on the go for colder days!! The pom poms also make it super fun to wear around!! All in all it's a super cute addition to any winter wardrobe whether your running between exams or on the go in the city! 

Stay tuned on my blog and socials for more information about the documentary and release dates!! 



The crewneck will drop in January, and can be purchased at the downtown Toronto location of Lids & Laces or online at 6ixSide Clothing Co. 




I've been hunting all summer for the perfect frames! Aviators sometimes look to big on my face and everything else can make you look like a bug! Haha - finding the perfect pair of sunnies is always a challenge. 

I often see people wearing sunglasses that are over-bearing on their face so having the right balance of coverage but also style can do wonders! 

I came upon these Zara Round Sunglasses with golden frame and it has been the perfect accessory with so many outfits. The medium coverage is ideal and the shades also kind of look like Ray Bans. If you don't have a few hundred bucks to shell out these would be the most chic alternative! 

I ended up picking up the Choker Pack too since it compliments the black shades really well. Chokers are so in right now, and there are so many ways to dress them up or down! Starting with a basic package can be a great way to add the accessory to everyday outfits.


Music festivals are super unpredictable! One minute it's sunny and beautiful out and next thing you know its pouring down rain! Over the course of the summer I've had a few festival fashion favourites that have stuck by me. Items that I have added to my wardrobe that allow me  to mix and match with other outfits due to their versatility. As much as we love to dress things up for the summer and festival season, it is always nice to know that the investment your making in your clothes is going to pay off. This happens when you see that your purchase can be combined with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Festival Fashion Look

My festival go-to picks start with the Garage Midi Bodycon Lace Up Top. Lace up tops are super trendy this summer! They let you keep a clean t-shirt or tank look by add some personality at the neck line. My pick was a crisp white one which fit really well and was super comfortable for the day. A warm festival atmosphere always calls for a white tee to help you keep cool.


Festival Fashion Accessories

The most festival specific item on this list is the Dynamite Crossbody Bag with Tassel half-moon purse in rose. I specifically picked this out because it keeps a light carry-on option when traveling around a festival all day. However the cross-body bag is spacious enough to fit in a cell phone, small camera and some accessories like a lipstick or compact.

For accessories I opted for a mix of two chokers I picked up from Aldo, my favourite being the Aldo Zoira Midnight Black Choker Necklace and then a brown one that had a long string attachment that matched my t-shirt really well! Mixing the two together was a great way to blend the browns and blacks in my boots and hat statement pieces.

Layering It Up

When a sunny humid festival day takes a turn and it starts to pour, it really helps to be prepared!
My H&M Trashed Top was super integral is helping take cover from the rain! I made sure I paired this with my knee-high leather Aldo boots that I had picked up in the fall season. Together they kept the mud off my feet and helped me stay sheltered from the rain. Having a fedora is always a bonus! Personally I'm obsessed with my brown fedora from Urban Outfitters. It's the best investment I've made so far!

Keeping Cool

Though you have to prepared for the worst! A summer festival is all about enjoying the sun and good vibes that come with the music. My Topshop MOTO Distressed Rosa Shorts were the perfect pair of shorts for the occasion.  Not only did they look super trendy but were super comfortable to help deal with the heatwave! Super fun to dance in and the just the perfect mix of fashion and function!!

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Let me know what your favourite festival moments were in the comments below!

Until next time! xx