2015 marked the year for my first ever fashion label collobaration during Toronto Fashion Week.  I've loved the event, ever since my first time attending a Rudsak show in 2012. Since then copping tickets and designer passes for fashion week in Toronto has been an absolute must every season!  I've always been the type of girl who likes to make a statement with the clothes I wear and the way I dress. NARCES has always striked me as brand that combines art with good design.  I've never been one for designer labels but more about how someone can really make a designer brand work for their personal style & persona.


It started with a fitting at the NARCES headquarters where I got to choose a few of the outfits that I was going to wear that week. One week, three events and NARCES was going to make the process a lot easier and fun!  

I ended up picking up 3 dresses and 2 beautiful fur jackets to make the transition from each event a bit more comfortable. The best part was that I was going to spend Buffer Festival outside in the cold on the red carpet so the fur-jackets turned out to be a life-saver! 


My fashion week outfit was something right out of a magazine cover. My favourite piece was the Champagne Mongolian Lamb Jacket. Champagne is best matched with dark colours so the Navy Stretch Knit dress was a no-brainer especially because it just fit so perfectly when I left the dressing room. 


Working in retail and as a stylist for brands in the past has taught me one thing for sure, that you have to go with clothing that feels good and has proper form and fitting. Of course you can't forget that it also needs to be trendy. What you wear throughout your day, at work or socializing what you wear ultimately sets the tone for the day.  Just like they say, dress for the dream job!

Fashion Week this year was a lot of fun overall, and I made some amazing connections including an awesome photographer named Abbas who fell in love with my outfit so naturally we became awesome buddies and make these amazing editorials come to life!