mikhael kale

Mikhael Kale - FashionCAN

Mikhael Kale is one of Canada's finest designers, always bringing innovative and edgy fashion to the runway. I didn't expect any less from the designer's finale show at FashionCAN. 


I'm personally a huge fan of Mikael strictly because his designs are always on point aesthetically, always bring something totally cool and different to the table. Always incorporating edgy and radical elements mixed with timeless silhouettes. 


The designer's latest runway collection is a perfect example of an edgy street-culture aesthetic mixed with casual silhouettes. The colour palette for his Fall/Winter 17 show dawned rose, grey and neutral shades with a punch of red statements. 


The designer also revealed a cool new logo with flames, that can be found on some of the pieces either in a contrast punchy colour or the same colour as the material. The trend for Mikhael this year was definitely off shoulder frills and runners tied with a contrasting red material. Love the streetwear haute couture look mixed with neutral tones. 


To learn more about the designer check out MikhaelKale.com

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