Good Vibes Only

Life is all about energies and the people you wish to surround yourself with.  Sometimes following your gut means going where the energy is right for your growth or creative process. The moto of "Good Vibes Only" has been sticking to me especially with the launch of CaliiLove a pop-up California / Hawaii style inspired coffee and poke shop that focuses on those good energies. 

This Wednesday I got to go check out the location on King Street and take in the atmosphere. What I realized after is how much these energies set your day in motion. The rest of the afternoon just felt really peaceful and continued to be full of surprises. I was with my friend Jenna and across the day we encountered so many different situations and opportunities that aligned with our project. The craziest thing is how true the Law of Attracting feels when you are at harmony with your surroundings and yourself.  Take a day to just do things that you enjoy or go for a walk its really the simple things that give us the most peace and happiness. 

LIFESTYLENairisha Batada