I always told myself that I wouldn’t travel to New York or California if it wasn’t for work. This was my way of keeping myself accountable that one day I would get to jet set to one of these cities to fulfill my dream of working there. After much deliberation, a whole lot of planning, a few late nights infused with coffees and multiple mental breakdowns later, it finally happened! I decided to take my first ever trip to New York City for the spring-summer Fashion Week festivities and take part in all the fashion action.

Arlo Soho City View Room  


New York is nothing like I’ve ever seen, it’s the fast life and full of energy and people on the go. Nobody stops for anyone. Just like the sweet gentleman I met working at the pizza shop said “Us New Yorkers are just trying to get from point A to B without wasting time” Something us Torontonians know a little bit about but in the process we say thanks, hello, please and sorry.

I guess its just the energy, its full of hustlers and dream chasers who don’t have the time to stop for pleasantries. ”It’s all about getting the job done” he said, “we aren’t rude, we are just busy making shit happen ”  Fair point. Let's just say that I feel in love with this hustle lifestyle and will be returning to the city every chance I get!

During our three day stay we decided to take up residence at the Soho Arlo, a boutique hotel situated within walking distance of the fashion week shows. We checked in on a Thursday and took off for our first show of the spring / summer season within an hour of our arrival.

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I decided that heading there with my brother for fashion week would be a great way to inspire him and also have a helping hand to take on my first fashion week in the big apple.  Fashion Week are already so crazy and busy and doing it all on new turf while trying to level up was daunting enough. Having a familiar helping hand seemed like just the right idea, not to mention my brother and I have been discussing for some time now to start our own clothing brand so this was just what we needed to get our head back in the game and the creative juices flowing.

Our city view room included a spending credit towards breakfast which means we started off our mornings just right! Some coffee, eggs, avocado, sweet potatoes and cucumber salad to fuel our day before hitting the shows. 


Getting ready in the Arlo Soho was easy because we hung up all out outfits the day before so we knew what we were going to wear on which day.

My favourite part about staying at the Arlo Soho during the Fashion Week was being able to go downstairs to the lobby where the hotel was hosting many of the models from NYFW in for the Into App party. This meant having access to social groups in the industry every day. We made quite a few friends and shared drinks and laughs while we learned about New York and all that the fashion scene has to offer.