This year wearing white has been the biggest change I have made to my style.
Photos by Chris Smart

Photos by Chris Smart

I think many people shy away from the colour purely due to the fact that it gets dirty quite quickly but what we don't take into consideration is the abiliy of white to really brighten up your frame. For this very reason I think I'm beginning to fall in love with the colour white as it seems to really brighten up and bring attention to any outfit.  

LatelyI’ve been experimenting a lot with the colour white and what I’ve come to notice is that not many people choose to take the risk which means that if you personally can jump the feat chances are that you may be the only one in the room. The best part is that you can rock it as a basic or easily pair it with any other colour.

One thing you will soon start to learn about me is that I’m a TopShop freak, I love to wear it practically anywhere and everywhere. So when I realized that I would be heading to Toronto Men’s Fashion Week this year I had to make sure that my outfit was on key. I had my eyes on these striped pants for quite some time but I was just unsure what exactly to pair it with, lo and behold! this trendy white crop top caught my eye and it was the perfect piece to complete the outfit.